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A few updates!

Hi! Life has gotten pretty crazy, as you can see from the lack of updates. But here I am, updating again. And hopefully will continue to do so in the near future. :] I still work on the site, I just don't get to update as much, so I have a ton of things on my computer accumulated that I need to put up. Here's a few:

AVATARS. 52 Pokemon Avatars by Sagensyg. He actually made these ages ago, and I never got around to putting it up. Thank you, Sagey. <3 Teasers:

BUTTONS. 12 new buttons submitted by Shin. Also submitted ages ago... thank you, Shin, they're adorable. ^_^ Teasers:

PIXELS. Various new pixels. I updated the various bunny pixels collections a bit, and I've also added two new collections - frog pixels and strawberry pixels. Teasers:

TWITTER. Neskaya has a Twitter page now! Please add us if you use Twitter. ^_^ It'll be managed by Lekana since I don't really use it, but she'll update you regularly on the happenings.

CONTEST. We are also having a graphics contest - the contest is to make a new banner for the Neskaya forums. I will incorporate the banner into a theme, and also put the theme up for download. You'll be credited, of course. Read the link for more info, and please join!

REMINDERS. The forum always needs more love... so join us and chat. Also, thank you so much - I had no idea this livejournal would become so popular. Love you guys. <3 Also also, I'm not sure if people know, but Neskaya also has a Facebook group. We don't really do anything on there, but um... Neskaya pride, right? xD *coughs* Okay, maybe not.

As for other updates, I know there's a ton of things I still need to do, but I will have to get around to it next time.


Oct. 25th, 2009 08:07 am (UTC)
Like yueshi and twinkle_fae said, there's something wrong with your site.

Google diagnostics show that there are 6 external links on your site that are downloading hundreds of trojans onto unsuspecting people.

I am thinking that this may have something to do with whatever advertising you have up.

Either way you should probably contact someone about it.

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