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192 Icons, New Layout, New LJ Layout, New phpBB3 Skin, and stuff~ :3

Huge update! I've been keeping busy. So I guess first, there are 192 icons in two new categories. 116 Cute Couples icons and 72 Halloween avatars. Haha, too late for Halloween and too early for Valentines, hm? That's how I roll. Teasers:

love avatar couples icon sadako icon

You know where to find the rest. There's a new web template as well as a matching livejournal layout. Not to mention an adorable new phpBB3 skin - the banner was made by Pandaholic, who won the contest a couple months ago! The previews are below!

final fantasy crystal chronicles layout panda phpbb3 skin

It's also the new default forum skin so you can view it live there, and join the forums - they've been a bit slow since the Google attack since everyone, including myself, gave up on it. :x Also, I was going to revamp the tutorials section a bit but seeing as how I'm leaving for Canada early in the morning, I just converted them to be compatible with the current layout in case some people find some use of them.

Okie, I may update while I'm in Canada, depending on if my sexy host has to study or something. I do have two more batches of icons to upload, after all. :D Love you all.
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Icons, Quiz

Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone. ^_^ I'm updating again~ Actually, look who hasn't slept all night because of a project and is still procrastinating right now? Haha, here's another batch of avatars (90 total) designed for a more somber mood. Teasers:

somber icon somber avatar sad avatar

You know where to find the rest - category Sad Icons. I'll post another batch before I leave for Canada for a week on Wednesday!

Also, note the new Who's Your Neskayan Soulmate quiz up in the quizzes section.
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Neskaya REVIVED. +110 icons.


It's sort of made to be simple just so I can get my arse to doing things. Some of you might have noticed that for the past two months Neskaya has been labeled as an attack site by Google. I tried some things to resolve it but they wouldn't unlabel me, and I was too busy to really do much about it. I finally have gotten that resolved, and unfortunately it involved deleting everything and uploading it again. All of the interactive aspects of Neskaya, as well as the tutorials, are gone for now. I will be bringing them back, though ^^ The forum users have been pruned back to 9/15 around when Google labeled it an attack site. The forums will go through major revamping in the near future, too. ^^

I have all the core content uploaded, and I have over 700 icons that I've made and have not uploaded because I had wanted to resolve the attack site status first. I'll give 'em to you guys in batches. So here we go, batch 1 is 110 cute girl icons.

Teasers - 110 cute girls icons


Another update with more soon. :] I'm really sorry for ignoring everyone, but hopefully I'll be getting back on track. Please help spread the word that Neskaya is back!

A few updates!

Hi! Life has gotten pretty crazy, as you can see from the lack of updates. But here I am, updating again. And hopefully will continue to do so in the near future. :] I still work on the site, I just don't get to update as much, so I have a ton of things on my computer accumulated that I need to put up. Here's a few:

AVATARS. 52 Pokemon Avatars by Sagensyg. He actually made these ages ago, and I never got around to putting it up. Thank you, Sagey. <3 Teasers:

BUTTONS. 12 new buttons submitted by Shin. Also submitted ages ago... thank you, Shin, they're adorable. ^_^ Teasers:

PIXELS. Various new pixels. I updated the various bunny pixels collections a bit, and I've also added two new collections - frog pixels and strawberry pixels. Teasers:

TWITTER. Neskaya has a Twitter page now! Please add us if you use Twitter. ^_^ It'll be managed by Lekana since I don't really use it, but she'll update you regularly on the happenings.

CONTEST. We are also having a graphics contest - the contest is to make a new banner for the Neskaya forums. I will incorporate the banner into a theme, and also put the theme up for download. You'll be credited, of course. Read the link for more info, and please join!

REMINDERS. The forum always needs more love... so join us and chat. Also, thank you so much - I had no idea this livejournal would become so popular. Love you guys. <3 Also also, I'm not sure if people know, but Neskaya also has a Facebook group. We don't really do anything on there, but um... Neskaya pride, right? xD *coughs* Okay, maybe not.

As for other updates, I know there's a ton of things I still need to do, but I will have to get around to it next time.

New Textures

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! Real life kicked me in the arse, but I'm going to try to get around to updating on a regular basis again. There's almost 1,000 members in this community - WOW. Thank you so much. I really love you guys. :)

For real updates, here's a texture set. Click on the picture to go to it:

8 icon textures and 1 large texture

The icon request is obviously on hold... sorry about that. ^^
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Pixels, New Avatars, Converted Layouts

I've released a new section for Neskaya - a pixel dump. You can click on the link to see the current collection :] Right now, it's all bunnies - I love bunnies. Here's a few to start you off:

Also, Sagensyg has been super busy with the Pokemon avatars - there's 38 new ones so check them out! Some teasers:

Finally, I converted the last two livejournal layouts into web layouts so enjoy. ^_^

And last thing - I'm interested in starting a few web or LJ projects, big or small, with another dedicated webmaster because I feel things would get done faster if I weren't working alone. :] If you're interested at all, just tell me or e-mail me and I'll end up picking someone. Thank you.
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Bleach & Pokemon Avatars, etc.

Really quick update: I've been extremely busy, but I promise I'll get to finishing your picture icon requests soon. o_x In the meantime, I've shut down advertising (all current advertisers will get to finish their cycle) due to wanting to experiment more, and I have a new affiliate - visit Amber of SmileScan!

Also, thank Sagensyg and Chiyu for submitting new avatars to the site - Pokemon and Bleach icons, respectively. ♥

This update is pretty rushed because I'm in class. xD