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Kawaii & cute, anime, pixel, Final Fantasy, and Ragnarok Online design community

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Neskaya.Net: layouts, graphics, tutorials, design, icons, etc.
Welcome to the Neskaya.Net Livejournal

This journal serves two purposes. First, it is to record updates for the website, Neskaya.Net, which provides you with cute layouts, icons, tutorials, quizzes, phpBB3 skins, and more. These entries are public.

Second, I have recently started creating livejournal layouts, so this community is where you can grab those! However, these entries are members-only. To view a preview of all of Neskaya's current LJ layouts, you may go here.

Site updates are open to all. LJ layouts are members only.
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I'm not sure how my messaging has been working x_x If you're interested in affiliating, just leave me a comment here okay?
[1] Public LJ Layout Sample

Dream Little Girl layout

Dream, Little Girl Layout (Larger Preview) (Get Code)
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Feel free to use one of the buttons to link me. Please credit Neskaya.Net (neskayanet) for anything that you use from the site or the community.