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New LJ Layouts, Icons, Advertising

I'm back from vacation, and there has been two new livejournal layouts with a matching avatar to boot - I will be converting both of them to web layouts as soon as I get the time, as well as converting the Beautiful Girl layout to an LJ one. :]

There are 16 new Little Mermaid (Disney) icons. I have a lot more coming as well as some Harry Potter icons, among others coming up. Teasers:

Finally, advertising is back up. I took it down for a few days due to Paypal charging me a transaction fee so that I was only getting 66cents per ad, which really just wasn't worth it. The banner advertising fee is now $2.36 (the 36 cents account for the transaction fee~) now and I hope it will still be worth it for you guys. :] Take a moment to visit all the people advertising here too, because they really help to cover some of the site costs. ♥

Oh, last thing - I will get around to making the icons for the picture icon requests from before my vacation in the next couple days.


New Avatars

26 Full Moon wo Sagashite icons, teasers:

( The Rest Here )

I'm going to be busy and then on vacation until school starts again. I might make some small updates in the next week, but I wouldn't count on it. I'll see you guys after two weeks. Thank you very much for 100+ members~ ♥ I can tell this community is going to grow fast.


Taking Icon Requests of Your Picture --

Post a picture of you and I will iconize you.

Here's an example I worked with:

These are not for public use.

Original PictureCollapse )

Rules and How to RequestCollapse )

Status 01/31/09. Pretty much caught up! I like some of them that I made much better than others (can't like them all ^^) so if you want to request a different one, feel free~ but if you're requesting again, please do it in a new comment so I will see it. ^_^

Currently Finished IconsCollapse )

Converted Layouts & New Avatars

Converting some layouts back and forth:
♥ Made the "Dream, Little Girl" layout into a web template; was originally a livejournal layout.
♥ Made the "Cinnamoroll" layout into a LJ layout by request; was originally a web template.

20 Anime Avatars

( Rest Here )

I also have a new affiliate, Jay of Dragon Rain Designs~ The link is at the site!

LJ Layout // Dream, Little Girl

Edit: On second thought, I will make this one public so that non-members can see a layout. You'll still have to join the neskayanet community to see any additional LJ layouts that I make. More layouts can be found here. For those of you who are just watching the community but is not a member, if you would like to see my newest addition to the site (livejournal layouts!) then you'll have to join the community. Thanks. ^_^

Dream, Little Girl Layout (Larger Preview)
Dream Little Girl layout

Get the codeCollapse )

I really am sorry for the mass amount of entries lately. They will become less when I go back to school in a few days. ^_^ I think I'm starting to get a hang of this LJ designing.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope the year gets off to a great start for you. As for this site, what a great way to end 2008 - yesterday, for the first time, Neskaya broke 1,000 unique visitors in a day. Thank you to everyone for contributing, and I hope to go into 2009 with lots more to come!

No substantial update this time; I changed the monkey picture in the layout, at the side, because of one of the old monkey's ears covering the text. I also want to take this time to plug my button rotation for design sites as well as my topsites. They've been a bit neglected in terms of new members lately, and I hope that my link exchanges and visitors can help me out here. n_n Thanks!

New Avatars

♥ 32 new Cute Girl icons and 60 new Cute Girls icons. Teasers:

( You know where to go. )

Oh, by the way, I know I'm not great with replying to comments in these entries, so I'll just say as a general aside - I appreciate all of them, and thank you. :D


New Avatars

A shitton of new avatars - 101, to be exact. That's the biggest avatar update yet. :O Tons of new icons in: Q-Lia, San-X, Final Fantasy VII, and Ragnarok Online categories.


[ And view all the avatars here ]

And I'll stop spamming your friends list with updates now. Maybe I'll try to go have a life now, since I've been kinda on an update frenzy the past few days. xD; I'm not even going to update the main page of the site with this update until another day~


New Layout & Avatar

Just a quick update - one new design and an avatar to match it.

Neskaya Layout Cute Avatar

Version 4 Released!

{ Click for Neskaya.Net }

Yep, I redesigned the site. Merry Christmas, everyone!

I also touched up the button maker so that it makes better buttons now. Here's two that I made as a sample:

I'll update with more content filled posts soon. I do want to say that I think it's very awesome that the community has over 50 members and even more people watching, though. It's not a big number, but considering this is just an updates community I'm very flattered. Thanks, everyone!

Edit: Are people having trouble with the layout in Internet Explorer? I checked it in IE7 before I put it up and it works fine there, but I hear there might be problems with older versions. If you're using an older version, please tell me what's going on, and second, please upgrade already. xD

About Neskaya

Neskaya.Net is a cute & kawaii based design resource that also dabbles in a bit of anime, Disney, Ragnarok Online (RO), and Final Fantasy. We have a fantastic interactive community, so join the forums if you'd like to meet some new friends! <3

This livejournal serves several purposes. Please join. <3 First, it provides updates to the site. Second, it's to provide you with members only LJ layouts. And third, it is a medium for me to communicate with lots of people at once for interactive projects~

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