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Huge update! I've been keeping busy. So I guess first, there are 192 icons in two new categories. 116 Cute Couples icons and 72 Halloween avatars. Haha, too late for Halloween and too early for Valentines, hm? That's how I roll. Teasers:

love avatar couples icon sadako icon

You know where to find the rest. There's a new web template as well as a matching livejournal layout. Not to mention an adorable new phpBB3 skin - the banner was made by Pandaholic, who won the contest a couple months ago! The previews are below!

final fantasy crystal chronicles layout panda phpbb3 skin

It's also the new default forum skin so you can view it live there, and join the forums - they've been a bit slow since the Google attack since everyone, including myself, gave up on it. :x Also, I was going to revamp the tutorials section a bit but seeing as how I'm leaving for Canada early in the morning, I just converted them to be compatible with the current layout in case some people find some use of them.

Okie, I may update while I'm in Canada, depending on if my sexy host has to study or something. I do have two more batches of icons to upload, after all. :D Love you all.


Nov. 18th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
I can't exactly comment over there so I'm leaving it here...

But all the avatars there are soooo cute! I snagged some from the cute couples section. Do you make all these yourselves? Well whoever made them are all very talented! :)

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